A Recent Interview on Author Sam Oliver

1. What can you tell us about the Religious&Spirituality genre for those who aren’t familiar with or don’t know much about it? 

     Religion is basically beliefs about what one believes to be true in what they have faith in. This could be their God and ways of living to obtain God’s favor. Much of religion is centered on creating a lifestyle that pleases God and brings other people into this union as well through a set of beliefs and practices a collective group of people hold as true.

      Spirituality is a person’s focus of attention. This is usually a centering of one’s awareness inside one’s awareness. To live by the truth revealed in every moment from this source of attention is the ultimate goal in life. When a person lives from this place of awareness, they share in the world around them and beyond a sense of knowing he/she belongs to all that has, is, and ever will be.

2. How has your work you do outside of writing help contribute to your time as an author? 

     As a Hospice Chaplain for almost 25 years, I have learned a great deal about living in soul through those who are entering fully into this awareness at the end of their life. Dying people share with me what is important to them. What rises to the top of it all is not what many people think. Yes, the Hospice patients that I care for do feel sad about leaving behind those they love, but a great deal of their focus becomes a willingness to be a person of faith who trusts in the wisdom that brought their life into being has the capacity to take their soul home as well. This journey into such faith is a path into their most authentic self revealing their true nature to those they love. 

3. How has being a member and writer for the Healing Ministry Journal helped you as an author? 

     Healing Ministry Journal has enabled me to create words and awareness that have helped me to create an inner ministry I am able to share with those who are dying. It has given me a voice as well to those who care for the dying. Most of all, Healing Ministry Journal has given me a voice to share with everyone I can a meaningful dynamic of living we all share and so few have words for. It has been as much a blessing to me as it has for me to share with others. 

4. What can you tell us about some of the novels you’ve written? 

     “Mondays with Mary” is a story about a Counselor in Boston who travels to Southern New Hampshire to volunteer for a dying Hospice patient named Mary. They create together in their visits an Eternal Relationship that becomes a bridge to Jim’s path into soul. It is a transforming relationship that enables Jim to move from an analytical lifestyle to a more reflective one encompassing a view on life filled with insight and grace. 

     “Angel Marie – The Making of an Angel” is a story about a baby that is born into her mother’s heart. It is a story of pregnancy loss whereby the journey into another’s heart requires us to enter into unconditional love for hearts to truly become as one.

 5. Would you say your writing gives hope and inspiration to those who are in need?

      Of course, we live in a society of words. They can be used to hurt or to heal. My hope is to create a set of words that can inspire the inner dialogue inside us all. My intent is to bring together a universal awareness that leads to faith, hope, and love. My writing allows me to get in tune with this world that lies deep within us all and pull forth the resources inside it that leads our attentive awareness into the core of our being.

 6. How has being a speaker helped in your writings? 

     My speaking has given me the opportunity share with others in a heart filled modality of care unlike any of it’s kind. When I speak, I place my attention in the same place I do when I write. I ask for guidance upon what needs to be created in that moment and let the words formulate a sacred space we all can share. To do this, I have to be willing to let go of my notes and trust in the wisdom that has created us all to lead us on a journey our hearts and souls call home. 

7. What are three words you would use as messages to reach your readers and those who follow your work? 

   “ Follow Your Dreams” These three words will lead a person into their soul every time. A dream is filled with intentions and desires to share what inspires a person. It is the creative visualization of one’s heart making itself known to those who will listen and share in a sacred union of care drawn together by a force greater than us all. It is a movement into time and space that reaches so far into infinity that only one’s soul can enter into such realms of intelligence. 

8. Have you ever considered writing in another type of genre? 

     Yes, I have thought about writing romance novels for years, but I keep coming back to the style I presently reveal because it fits with who I am at this time. There is a sensuality to romance writing and spiritual care that parallel each other more than people may know. We are sensual beings that use our hearts to extend into another’s awareness allowing us to feel our way into relationships and even life itself.

 9. What’s something interesting about you that not too many people would know about you? 

     I love to play golf and internet checkers. Both of these experiences allow me to fully engage in a form of play that is not predictable in any way. They are a lot like life. They allow my creative side to connect to nature.

 10. What does it mean to you to be writing, working and giving back to such a helpful cause? 

     This means the world to me. It is an opportunity for me to utilize my gifts in a world that longs to be known as they are known inside. It is my chance to give courage to those who want to become more consistent with who they are in what they do through words of encouragement. In so doing, I am able to communicate to all walks of life in a way I would not be able to do in and of myself. This makes me feel so grateful when given such opportunities as this to reach into the human heart and touch places only our souls can embrace.


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